National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness day so I thought I would talk a bit about stress and ways to cope.

Anyone can get stressed, any day of the year. Some people don’t let it get to them too much, but others have more trouble. I’ve dealt with stress before and sometimes I can let it get to me for days or weeks. 

People stress about all kinds of things but I think it’s worth remembering that it’s human to feel emotions. The stress that people feel should often be taken seriously. If you imagine you are stressed, just think of how you would like to be talked to. Would you like someone to make fun of you, or would you like someone to be kind and really listen to you?

When I am stressed things that help me are:

1. Reading a book

2. Writing

3. Listening to music

4. Going for a walk

I think it’s good if you can find something you enjoy which relaxes you. Stress can be a horrible feeling, but if you can deal with it then it’s not so bad.


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